White Masterbatch Appliances

The specialty of special effect masterbatch it is more than just a normal color, which provides a special touch to the product and gives an extra glow, shining, sparkle with a high glossy surface. This special masterbatch help to give us an exclusive finishing effect which is now days consider as key to successful product look, feel, and design. Below are some special effect masterbatches widely used in the Plastic industry.

Glitter Masterbatches

Glitter masterbatch help to add extra sparkle to the product which gives a glitter finish to the end product. These masterbatches mainly used in industries like Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Cosmetic tubes, and bottles, etc.

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Pearlescent Masterbatches

Pear Masterbatches contains features like high density, thermal stability, best in dispersion property, which widely used in industries like injection molding, blown films, Food Packaging, and Decorative materials.

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Fluorescent Masterbatches

Fluorescent Masterbatches helps to give a high-quality effect to the end products, it contains benefits like excellent heat stability, no migration, and excellent shelf life.

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Granite / Marble Masterbatches

Granite or Marble is used to an important smooth and mirror-like finish to the product, along with this it also improves abrasion to the product.

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Metalic Masterbatches

Metalic masterbatch creates a smooth surface on the product and gives a deep gloss effect to the product.

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Transparent Masterbatches

Transparent masterbatch add extra stiffness and transparency to the final color product. Transparent masterbatch widely uses in industrial as well as commercial industries.

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