CONCENTRA - Antibacterial Masterbatch

Antibacterial Masterbatch

  • Contains high performance of enhancing the antimicrobial properties in plastic
  • Appearance is fine white
  • Can be added at any stage in the processing

  • Agriculture films
  • Household products, viz. shower curtain
  • Medical disposables, viz. syringes
  • Coated fabrics, viz. raincoats, tents, etc.
  • Shoe soles & mid soles
  • Foam, viz. seat cushions, gaskets, insulation, etc.
  • Hygienic wall & floor coatings
  • Toys

  • Low environmental impact
  • Can be protected against bacterial & fungal effects
  • Indoor plastics such as used in hospitals, kitchen & bathroom can be kept cleaner & fresher.
  • Can be used in a wide variety of polymer systems from PVC, PP, PE, NYLON, POLYSTER, POLYURETHANES & RUBBER

  • Protection from bacterial infects
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